Press Release WHAT'S TO BE DONE – Massive Bomb Blast in Islamabad Marriott September 20, 2008.

Press Release


September 22, 2008.


Massive Bomb Blast in Islamabad Marriott September 20, 2008

Zahir Ebrahim

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[September 22, 2008] The mainstream newsmedia worldwide is awash with the multitude of descriptions, speculations, videos, and eye-witness accounts of the attack in Islamabad on the Marriott Hotel on September 20, 2008. The fires are still smoldering, the destruction of the massive 5-star hotel is complete, and the confirmed loss of life is at least 60, largely among the ordinary lower-staff and chauffeurs who served at the outer perimeter of the heavily guarded hotel, with hundreds more injured. Some have called this shocking atrocity in Islamabad, the “9/11 of Pakistan”, with the same 'jihadi' patsies dutifully lined up by the newsmedia, the pundits, and the governments worldwide, to take the fall!

This press release by Project Humanbeingsfirst is urgently issued with a counter plea to the Pakistani peoples and to the World: For heavens' sake, stop blaming India's RAW, Jihadis' Taliban and Al-Qaeeda, etc., as the prime-movers of this new atrocity upon the Pakistani peoples. Misdiagnosing a systemic disease is a sure protocol for never finding its cure!

The destabilization of Pakistan has needed a confluence of patsies and mercenaries. A patsy or dupe is one who strongly believes in what he/she is doing, but is deftly controlled by puppetmasters. A mercenary is one who sells his/her allegiance to the highest bidder at any moment in time. The suicide bombers and cultivated “jihadis” of the likes that Pakistan has never seen in its entire history before, are patsies. The Pakistani ruling-elite are the mercenaries. Between the two, Black-ops and aid dollars have been well spent in Pakistan!

As was noted in Project Humanbeingsfirst's December 2007 “Open letter to a Pakistani General”:

And this time, in the new imperialists' euphemistically labeled war, the “War on Terror”, we are now killing our own citizenry with our full military might in such an unremarkable and brutish manner that it is only guaranteed to create further ill-will and resentment among the already disgruntled and disenfranchised ordinary peoples. Thus, more resistance, more radicalism, more innocent dead, more fertile ground for cultivating suicide bombers, more complaints of “islamofascism” to scare the Western public with. So that in the end, in the mother of all battles between “good” and “evil” in which “either you are with us or with the terrorists”, there will be a continuous fresh supply of recruits to wage the requisite “endless wars” against.

It is only to prolong the conflagration for a full “lifetime of wars” lasting a “generation” – the “World War IV” – in the profound imperialist hope that, the resulting eventual maelstroms of radicalism seeded in 'jihad', will engulf the entire 'arc of crises', enabling its radical retransformation once again to suit the new imperial interests of the new “hectoring hegemons”.

If one wasn't living in Alice's dream world where the most absurd becomes a life–like reality and the 'unbirthday party' a cause célèbre, one would bluntly suggest that this looks very much like a devilishly premeditated synthesis of terror – 'synthetic terror' – in order to create an enemy to fight against “for at least a generation and preferably longer”, because in the absence “of a sudden threat or challenge to the public's sense of domestic well-being”, and “except in the circumstance of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat”, the much touted American “democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization”!

That is all the reality there is to this new spate of terror in my city in Pakistan – a further excuse for more premeditated, pre-planned, devilishly orchestrated American Intervention in Pakistan until they take over the entire Tribal Belt in order to be in closer proximity to China, and break-off Baluchistan as a new independent neo-liberal 'Gulf State'. The dismemberment and de-nuking of Pakistan is the larger agenda; and Mr. Zardari – like his distinguished predecessor – is the new 'decider' of that agenda.

And “tickling” the terrorists into existence, as CIA Director Michael Hayden observed of CIA's modus operandi: “We use military operations to excite the enemy, prompting him to respond. In that response we learn so much,” is the preferred choice for running this false-flag operation on Pakistan. When the victims and their survivors are thus sufficiently mentally “tickled” with the loss of their loved ones under the world's mightiest superpower's barbaric “shock and awe”, and expertly already doctrinally primed with the long-running “god is on your side” jihad to seed the anticipated response, the patsies are cleverly armed and guided through Pentagon's Black-ops local handlers' hierarchy, to their targets. Sometimes, even running complex false-flag operations this way by setting up diversionary visible patsies, while the often precision oriented and far more catastrophic terrorist act is directly and covertly controlled.

This is the well known modus operandi to ab initio create terrorist acts. Once created, the many organs of State, the military, the police, the intelligentsia, the media, the pundits, all naturally focus on the patsies and the victims! Because that is all they see before their un-forensic co-opted eyes.

And the Americans send in their military advisors to take-on the menace of these militants before these “jihadis” can take over Pakistan's nuclear weapons and threaten the entire world! This is how the Americans got into Vietnam too! It begins with pretexts to send in military advisors, with willing complicity of the mercenary rulers already deftly foisted upon the nation for that very purpose – to extend the invitation or cooperation as 'lesser of two evils'! Our picturesque Tribal Belt has already become Vietnam for its victims under this imperial paradigm!

Thus, the 'Al-Qaeeda' abstraction works great, as any shocking terrorist act attributed to them, or 'claimed' by them, enables multiple goals of the hectoring hegemons – from providing a pretext to invade-strangulate other nations, to scaring their own peoples into supporting the slaughter of other 'lesser' humanity, to clamping down on any domestic dissent with Police-State powers such as H.R. 1955, the Patriot Acts, and various Executive Orders. As was explained in Project Humanbeingsfirst's April 2008 report “The attack of 'Al-Qaeeda' and Pakistani 'loose nukes'”:

This time around, it's destination Tehran via Islamabad. And quite un-cleverly disguised as “'defensive US military action”. But at the 'unbirthday' party, everything absurd becomes reality!

The Pakistani 'loose nukes' hijacked by the cave-dwelling, stick-wielding, suicide-bombing, 'Al-Qaeeda' mantra is among the multiple facile absurdities being deftly primed (and black-ops synthesized) as already outlined in the afore-stated wakeup call. It is one thing for the press and politicians in the pockets of the 'Hectoring Hegemons' (PNAC) to be rehearsing this silly as part of their “intellectual commitment” to seeding “doctrinal motivation” for the 'retaliatory' “patriotic gratification” (Brzezinski). It is quite another for the victims themselves to be bizarrely echoing it. This is yet to be observed in primal nature: lambs arguing for their own slaughter.

Why do our media-pundits/columnists/so-called-scholars, never mind the leaders, refuse to publicly acknowledge these blatant facts is beyond ordinary comprehension, when surely, all of them in the privacy of their own homes, will concur with that diagnosis.

And not all of them are mercenaries or patsies – what co-opts them into this rehearsing of the asinine “unbirthday party” song of 'war on terror' that only leads them to RAW, Taliban, Al-Qaeeda, “Between Imperialism and Islamism”, and every place else on earth, except to the greatest 'benefactor' of Pakistan since its inception as a 'client-state'?

Why is Pakistan a part of this pernicious absurdity? What's in it for our 200 million peoples who don't even have clean drinking water for heavens' sake?

Would the new President of Pakistan have the courage to renounce his earlier stance now that he is in power – as he had also unabashedly stated that “there was nothing final in politics and positions could change with the changing situations”:

'The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), if it comes into power, must persuade the people that the fight against militants is “our war”, not just America’s war'?

The only practicable solution for saving Pakistan begins with 'calling a spade a spade', followed by urgently disengaging from the fiction of “war on terror” and seeking military-economic full-spectrum alliances with SCO, especially IRAN. The fates of the two beleaguered nations are joined at the hip like Siamese twins! The President of both nations are to be coincidentally present in New York at the same time. Yet look for how differently they each will behave!


Please see the following Project Humanbeingsfirst reports which explain this absurdity of 'Alice in Wonderland' that has been so devilishly crafted to suicide Pakistan, with the voluntary participation of Pakistan's own mercenaries and patsies:

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And in order for 'genius' minds un-attuned to fiction to forensically comprehend how this atrocity in Pakistan is being covered in the global news media, including Pakistan's by its own 'native informants', please take a look at how a similar atrocity in Iran was covered earlier this year in April 2008, when a bomb ripped through a mosque in Shiraz:

Iran, the Associated Press, and Covert-War of 'Imperial Mobilization'

A humble public service message of legitimate and empowering self-defense brought to a beleaguered peoples by Project



contact person: Zahir Ebrahim




Project Press Release September 22, 2008.

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