Press Release Wakeup Pakistanis – Nuclear Strikes Await Thee June 12, 2008

Press Release


June 12, 2008.

Wakeup Pakistanis – Nuclear Strikes Await Thee

as '“Defensive” US Military Action'!

Project Humanbeingsfirst

June 12, 2008.

[June 12, 2008] Pakistan's English daily DAWN, today reported the following re-confirmation of the dire threat that Project Humanbeingsfirst has been harping about for a year ever since the Lal Masjid massacre, but to no avail:

'[On] Wednesday, a media report quoted Pakistan’s envoy to Washington as saying that US leaders had warned Islamabad that if the United States suffered an attack that was traced back to Pakistan Washington would retaliate. “Those (statements) have been made,” Ambassador Hussain Haqqani told editors and reporters at The Washington Post. “We want to make sure that it doesn’t come to that.”'

As the Pakistani press is abuzz with the US military attack on Pakistan's forces that saw at least 11 Pakistani soldiers dead with only lip service protests emanating from the co-opted Pakistani corridors of pelf and power, the new neo-con Ambassador of Pakistan to Washington further reiterated the following to officially re-cement and renew the fiction of 'Bin Laden' for what is criminally about to befall both Pakistan and Iran as foretold in this Wakeup Call – and in which, Pakistani Government and Pakistani military are either equally deliberately complicit, or entirely unable to comprehend the gravity of the matter as they both still continue to toot 'Bin Laden' and the 'War on Terror' fabrication:

'Pakistan would attack Osama bin Laden the moment it had reliable intelligence on the Al Qaeda leader's whereabouts, Ambassador Husain Haqqani said on Wednesday. Haqqani also said he was confident Pakistan could help foil any Al Qaeda plans to attack the United States, although he did not know of any right now. “I think we can thwart any potential plans for an attack,” Haqqani said in an interview with Reuters.' (DAWN)

If the Government of Pakistan is genuinely interested in thwarting “any potential plans for an attack” – please read and comprehend this humble Wakeup Call issued by Project Humanbeingsfirst on December 21, 2007. Or at least watch the far more entertaining Star Wars movie “Revenge of the Sith” – a bizarre convolution of art imitating life, and life imitating art – to apprehend the grotesque reality on the 'Grand Chessboard' that is behind the murderous 'War on Terror' which Pakistan's erstwhile Ambassador, Husain Haqqani, in collusion with his neo-con sponsors, is either deliberately or inadvertently pushing upon this (soon to be) sixth-world nation!

From Gen. Musharraf “In the Line of Fire”, to the late Benazir's “very petri dish of international terrorism”, to the erstwhile godfather's 'The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), if it comes into power, must persuade the people that the fight against militants is “our war”, not just America’s war,' – is one continuous narration of patsies, mercenaries, traitors, or naïve simpletons! Take your pick – in all cases, all unfit to govern a self-respecting independent sovereign nation in a modernity that is ruled entirely with master political science rather than personal “khilafat”. But all perfectly fit as controlled managers of puppetstates dancing to the strings of the puppetmasters!

In this lowly puppetstate of ours called Pakistan – the land of the pure and the pious – there are 200 million additional peoples still (barely) living besides the “naive simpletons” who are presumably born to lord upon its plebeian natives! Please, for their sake, put it to the referendum as outlined in this Wakeup Call, and urgently disengage from the fiction of “war on terror” by vociferously declaring a demonstrable “Samson Option” directly targeted at Israel and Western Europe! This is the first urgent macro move in the only remaining geostrategic gamesmanship on the 'Grand Chessboard' that can still safeguard the humble and lowly peoples of this densely populated region from the devastation of a '“Defensive” US military action'which will be nuclear!

A collaborative mutual Asian self-defense pact (ATO) that is bar none to NATO, and an Asian economic alliance (SCO) that is bar none to EU and America's own 'Security and Prosperity Partnership' (SPP) alliance being forged in the North – as outlined by Project Humanbeingsfirst in its Press Release of May 15, 2008 (titled “The Only Solution to Avoid Total War – Full Spectrum Alliances in ASIA”) – is the only rational way to safeguard Asia, its vast riches, and its billions of inhabitants from all marauders and hectoring hegemons.

The infamous “White Man's Burden” today seeks drastic world population reduction through induced food shortages and laboratory synthesized diseases, 'global warming' mantras of natural phenomenon to curtail production induced natural growth of developing nations, and 'war on terror' mantras to acquire “full spectrum dominance” through forcible “birth pangs of a new [World Order]”, all of which are inter-connected links in the chain of incremental and step-wise exercise of global hegemony to usher in their long dreamed of “One World Government” of the world's financial, technocratic and corporate ruling elite!

This tortuous incantation of the revived “White Man's Burden” is written in their own crafty penmanship – if only the “naive simpletons” would learn to read and think in a Western led modernity whose most prized crown jewels of governance is 'ubermensch' intellectual and political thought that they diligently endeavor to freely giveaway without any fear of the lowly plebeians and their “naive simpleton” rulers ever acquiring it! Despite the internet, search engines, and the ubiquitous web browser!

Thusly, our managed nations remain devoid of modern public libraries and the culture of reading and scholarship among our peoples for no accidental reason! Our laborers and taxi drivers have cellphones, but our educated ruling class have no culture of learning! Our leadership is largely the product of the same feudal ecosystem – unless the courteous label of “naive simpletons” accorded them is overly generous. In such an event, Project Humanbeingsfirst has no practical moves and strategies to offer on the 'Grand Chessboard'. It equally dreads the unpredictability and world chaos of a plebeian revolution simultaneously flaring up in the entire Global South that tars and feathers the entire ruling elites and native informants across the board in these nations!

Such a mob rule, naturally leading to infighting for local hegemony by emergent breed of Mafia dons and militias, will surely end in global disaster even for the secure armed to the teeth “White Man” of the global North – with no organized production machinery and laborers of economic conscription left to produce for them! The “birth pangs” that the modern “White Man” of all skin colors induces through “Mission Accomplished” of the “Bush Doctrine” among the 'lesser' mankind, would have naturally produced 'Frankensteins' out of ordinary peoples only laboring for birthing justice, which they, and their 'ubermensch' rapists and murderers, will scarcely be able to control. The Taliban are a living existential example of this prognostication in the aftermath of America's raping of the peoples of Afghanistan for giving to the USSR its Vietnam War with the generous gift of “God is on your side” (See “Selling the Carter Doctrine”, Time Magazine, February 18, 1980).

The White Man's Burden remains the same – throughout the centuries – only different names in different decades of every century!

Please act today to effectively reinstate the bizarre sanity and perverse sanctity of the “balance of terror” in which, once again, “safety will be the sturdy child of terror and survival the twin brother of annihilation.” And do it smarter this time around!

A public service message of rational equitable self-defense humbly brought to you by Project



contact person: Zahir Ebrahim




Project Press Release June 12, 2008.

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