Press Release The Only Solution to Avoid Total War May 15, 2008


Press Release
May 15, 2008.

The Only Solution to Avoid Total War –
Full Spectrum Alliances in ASIA
May 15, 2008.
May 15, 2008: The same act that General Colin Powell had performed before the UN in March 2003 while waving his PowerPoint slideshow of non-existent Iraqi WMDs, was also performed by General David Petraeus in April 2008 before the US Congress by holding up evidence of non-existent Iranian weapons in Iraq. The following press release of May 10, 2008 by CASMII (Campaign against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran) titled “US confession: Weapons were not made in Iran after all”, is only remarkable in that it notes the retraction by the US Military before the fait accompli has been constructed. Unlike the one in Iraq, whereby, the retraction only followed two years after the fact of the invasion which was constructed using WMD as a pretext, with the disingenuous Iraq Study Group blithely asserting ex post facto, in March 2005: “We conclude that the intelligence community was dead wrong in almost all of its prewar judgments about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. This was a major intelligence failure.”
The CASMII press release notes the following:
“In a sharp reversal of its long-standing accusations against Iran arming militants in Iraq , the US military has made an unprecedented albeit quiet confession: the weapons they had recently found in Iraq were not made in Iran at all.”
Tina Susman, writing in The Los Angeles Times Blog from Baghdad, reported of the News Conference of May 07, 2008, held by Major General Kevin J. Bergner, Spokesman, Multi-National Force – Iraq:
“There was something interesting missing from Maj. Gen. Kevin Bergner's introductory remarks to journalists at his regular news briefing in Baghdad on Wednesday: the word “Iran,” or any form of it. It was especially striking as Bergner, the U.S. military spokesman here, announced the extraordinary list of weapons and munitions that have been uncovered in recent weeks since fighting erupted between Iraqi and U.S. security forces and Shiite militiamen.”
“Not once did Bergner point the finger at Iran for any of these weapons and munitions, which is a striking change from just a couple of weeks ago when U.S. military officials here and at the Pentagon were saying that caches found in Basra in particular had revealed Iranian-made arms manufactured as recently as this year. They say the majority of rockets being fired at U.S. bases, including Baghdad's Green Zone, are launched by militiamen receiving training, arms and other aid from Iran.”
This premature retraction by US military officers sweating in the battlefield zone ostensibly implies, at least to the forensic mind, that there is, in some likelihood, dissent brewing within the senior US military establishment on the wisdom of continuing on with the Pentagon's neo-con sponsored “full spectrum dominance” adventure that is bankrupting the United States while making it the most violent pariah nation on the planet.
One must however, if one has the geopolitical acumen to understand the diabolical “forces that drive them”, not count on the efficacy of such dissent to avert any of the catastrophic scenarios, including a staged 'Gulf of Tonkin', or a staged nuclear terrorist act within the United States, or an Israeli attack on Iran, or an escalating Israeli war in Lebanon and Syria, all of which can lead to “'defensive' US military action against Iran [and Pakistan]”.
The Iranian and other Asian leaders would be wise to not underestimate the tortuous power of the 'Dark-Side' that is attempting to seed Total War in Asia using America as the 'hired hand'. As noted by Project Humanbeingsfirst in its Letter to Editor Press TV with a message to the Iranian Peoples:
'It appears that it is the Iranian political leadership who, while asserting “Politicians do not deal with imaginary things” [quoting Iranian President Ahmadinejad], are consistently “hallucinating” in their own imaginary conception of the reality du jour. While this may perhaps be calculated bravado, or some bizarre political ploy to deliberately appear moronic on the world stage, on the face of it, it betrays an asinine comprehension of the “real intention” of the Goliath of the world and the diabolical forces that are driving its “imperial mobilization”. '
Project Humanbeingsfirst further released the booklet The WAR on TERROR 2008 Omnibus Collection, in order to effectively demonstrate, with minimal burden of readings, the grotesque reality that is being orchestrated to deliberately seed “revolutionary times”. For indeed, “what is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times.” The following insightful analysis by Richard Cook Has the Battle for America Begun? lends additional forensic clarity to the “forces that drive them” towards Total War.
Therefore, the following statement issued by CASMII in its press release, though accurate and justified in its demand, fails to appreciate the diabolical forces that are arrayed against Iran, Pakistan, and the Middle East which are seeking to engulf that entire region in Total War using any and all mantras that their fertile minds can conjure up, and for which, the US military's retraction is not the end of the war-party's pretexts:
“The US charges of Iranian interference in Iraq too have now collapsed. Any threat of military strike against Iran is in violation of the UN charter and the IAEA's continued supervision on Iran's uranium enrichment facilities means there is no justification for sanctions.
CASMII calls on the US to change course and enter into comprehensive and unconditional negotiations with Iran.”
Rather than continually dismiss the tortuous aspirations for global domination as lunacy, or mis-guided, it would be prudent to treat them as devilishly real doctrines of conquest by a handful of the world's ruling elite partnering together in a twisted convolution of mutual interests – never to be underestimated for its destructive power upon the weak. Such an assessment, based on full spectrum comprehension of reality, permits the construction of the only effective self-defense by the weak. Why such a self-defense is not transpiring is a puzzle that defies explanation, as noted in The Missing Link - Full Spectrum Deterrence.
That deterrent solution-space, according to Project Humanbeingsfirst, is only in the forming of NATO-like Full Spectrum Alliances with an effective “Dr. Strangelove” type Samson Option that is publicly targeted at Israel and Western Europe as a declared self-defense nuclear doctrine, to construct the only viable and effective Deterrence: MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction)!
Only in the insanity of its “sublime irony”, wherein, in the immortal words of Winston Churchill, “safety [is] the sturdy child of terror and survival the twin brother of annihilation”, can there be any assured prospects of defeating the war-mongers before they hand the world a nuclear fait accompli.
This heads-up, originally issued on March 29, 2008, is even more pertinent today under the justifiable premise that there may be a covert power-struggle going on within the senior genuinely patriotic US military that can make a nuclear fait accompli tactically all the more expedient.
contact person: Zahir Ebrahim


Project 4/4 Press Release May 15, 2008.

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