Press Release This may be a psy-op! Response to Wayne Madsen's 'FEMA sources confirm coming martial law' October 09, 2008

Press Release


October 09, 2008.

This may be a psy-op!

Response to Wayne Madsen's 'FEMA sources confirm coming martial law'

Zahir Ebrahim

© Project

[Thursday, October 09, 2008, 9:00 PM] WMR issued a warning on October 09, 2008 that has mushroomed like a lethal virus all across the internet, titled: 'FEMA sources confirm coming martial law'.

Project Humanbeingsfirst responds: It's not time yet. This is likely a psy-op!

But surely, Martial Law is indeed the prelude to endgame, for precipitating the North American Union and crashing the dollar to create a new currency, Amero.

It has been a long time in coming, since the very day of infamy. All preparations have always been in place for it since before that day. Only the laws needed to be changed, and the public primed. Over the past 7 years, that has steadily been accomplished, one baby-step at a time. All in the name of “war on terror”.

Incredible. One turban-clad barefoot terrorist in the Hindu Kush, armed with a cellphone, has brought the mighty sole superpower to its knees single-handed!

Here we speak of that overt form of Martial Law in which the Continuity of Government is formally engaged, and the Constitution is formally suspended.

The scenarios outlined in the WMR are likely correct when that does transpire. But at this time, this is, in all likelihood, fear-mongering for a deliberate purpose.

See Project Humanbeingsfirst report, October 03, 2008: Why Bluff Martial Law?

In Project Humanbeingsfirst's perspective, these, like the fear-mongering earlier in the Congress, are feelers and psy-ops to pre-condition the public mind.

If instead of following each falling leaf of the tree, one remained focussed on the DNA of the tree, one would be able to tell, with a modicum of forensic analysis and thinking, what are puppetshows, and what are the next scenes in them.

And like in a chessgame – whether or not it's on the Grand Chessboard – a pre-planned move cannot be made until it's time, nor can it be made before other moves have been completed. If those moves are prematurely forced, they lose impact, quite possibly, all efficacy.

In the geopolitical space, many things remain undone. Sufficient priming in Central Asia hasn't happened. See for instance Georgia-Russia: It's a Classic Brzezinski Project!

In the domestic space, still many things remain undone. The primary among them being, the United States persons are still gainfully employed, still comfortable, and still un-perturbed – despite whatever economic crisis has transpired in the past month. This is fleshed out in Why Bluff Martial Law?

Unless Project Humanbeingsfirst's reading of the tea leaves is entirely out of whack, a far more intense depression and disillusionment of the peoples is required so that they will not 'unnecessarily' fight back with any efficacy – before Martial Law is actually engaged. It's primary purpose would be to cement the NAU and to default on the dollar. Without Martial Law, this appears impossible.

The heads-up warning by Wayne Madsen puts the cart and the horse in the wrong order. It makes it all look like reaction to happenstance.

Whereas it is not happenstance, but "devilishly" manufactured to produce precisely a pre-planned outcome.

And therefore, this reported leak of FEMA preparing for imminent Martial Law, appears to be the pre-conditioning of the populace – a calculated psyop by the hectoring hegemons upon their own peoples!

The real reason for both the premature economic collapse fear-mongering and the bugaboo of Martial Law appears to be buried in the fact of the matter argued in the following report Global authority can fill financial vacuum.

Jeffrey Garten, professor of international trade and finance at the Yale School of Management, on September 25, 2008, writes in the Financial Times:

Even if the US’s massive financial rescue operation succeeds, it should be followed by something even more far-reaching – the establishment of a Global Monetary Authority to oversee markets that have become borderless.”

Washington recognises that the crisis has become global. Hank Paulson, Treasury secretary, has said that foreign banks operating in the US will be eligible for federal assistance and he is urging other nations to fashion their own bail-out programmes. Central banks have also been synchronising injections of funds into markets. These should be steps to a more comprehensive international response designed not just to extinguish the current fires, but to rebuild and maintain the capital markets for the longer term.”

The current global institutional apparatus is woefully incapable of overseeing the financial system that is evolving. The International Monetary Fund is irrelevant to this crisis, the Group of Seven leading industrial countries lacks legitimacy in a world where China, Brazil and others are big players, and the Bank for International Settlement has no operational role. The US Federal Reserve is too besieged to act as a global central bank. That vacuum at the centre is dangerous for everyone.”

That is the actual un-subtle point which is being driven home – to demonstrate to the world that indeed: “That vacuum at the centre is dangerous for everyone.” It isn't enough that the United States people are enslaved in debt to ostensibly pay for Wall Street “mistakes”. The canvas is all the world's peoples, as the professor from Yale notes: “Hank Paulson, Treasury secretary, ... is urging other nations to fashion their own bail-out programmes.”

And we see how all the Central Banks in the world, under the coordination of BIS, demonstrated yesterday how that global authority could work to stabilize a global monetary system if formalized in more formal authoritative structures, headlined Fed slashes interest rates, but stocks lose again.

Jeannine Aversa, AP Economics Writer, on October 08, 2008, stated:

In a rare coordinated move, the Federal Reserve and other major central banks from around the world slashed interest rates Wednesday to prevent a mushrooming financial crisis from becoming a global economic meltdown.”

Central banks in England, China, Canada, Sweden and Switzerland and the European Central Bank also cut rates after a series of high-stakes phone calls over several days between Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and his counterparts.”

Similarly, other piece-meal baby-steps are being achieved through the combination of these psy-ops and manufactured crises – each of which brings the world a step closer to the endgame! Many of these were already simulated 8 years ago, in the year 2000, as disclosed in this report by Richard Freeman, dated July 28, 2000, and titled: Exposed! CFR Bankers Plan for Financial Crash

In that report too, its author has mixed up the cart and the horse. It is strange that this article presents the secretive CFR simulations of the global financial collapse, as if the economic downturn wasn't in fact orchestrated by the banksters for the devious purpose of deliberate crisis creation.

One notices that even the maverick Republican Congressman from Texas, the honorable Ron Paul, in his many pronouncements of his aversion to the $700 billion bailout package, also implies that this isn't deliberate, or that Paulson/Bernanke aren't necessarily evil and merely only don't understand the complexity of the market.

Is this laughable? At this link, there are many interviews with Ron Paul, and he is even asked in one of them, that this economic crisis looks awfully deliberate. And Ron Paul tactfully dodges that question.


Please stop panicking and prancing about on these contrived weekly puppetshows, and instead focus on the grotesque reality that is being systematically conjured up by the puppetmasters while the distinguished leaders of America and the world just passively watch.

A wise and courageous peoples might prepare for that imminent reality today.

There is still a narrow window of opportunity. By acting astutely right now, such pending criminal reality may yet be indefinitely postponed, and even altered altogether. Is there no one in all the world who can make certain truthful proclamations?

Please see Project Humanbeingsfirst's letter to the United States Congress on how they, with a modicum of courage, can still powerfully alter the endgame. They will surely find, the good peoples of the United States, and the world, behind them.

Thank you.



contact person: Zahir Ebrahim



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Project Press Release October 09, 2008.

Press Release WHAT'S TO BE DONE – Massive Bomb Blast in Islamabad Marriott September 20, 2008.

Press Release


September 22, 2008.


Massive Bomb Blast in Islamabad Marriott September 20, 2008

Zahir Ebrahim

© Project

[September 22, 2008] The mainstream newsmedia worldwide is awash with the multitude of descriptions, speculations, videos, and eye-witness accounts of the attack in Islamabad on the Marriott Hotel on September 20, 2008. The fires are still smoldering, the destruction of the massive 5-star hotel is complete, and the confirmed loss of life is at least 60, largely among the ordinary lower-staff and chauffeurs who served at the outer perimeter of the heavily guarded hotel, with hundreds more injured. Some have called this shocking atrocity in Islamabad, the “9/11 of Pakistan”, with the same 'jihadi' patsies dutifully lined up by the newsmedia, the pundits, and the governments worldwide, to take the fall!

This press release by Project Humanbeingsfirst is urgently issued with a counter plea to the Pakistani peoples and to the World: For heavens' sake, stop blaming India's RAW, Jihadis' Taliban and Al-Qaeeda, etc., as the prime-movers of this new atrocity upon the Pakistani peoples. Misdiagnosing a systemic disease is a sure protocol for never finding its cure!

The destabilization of Pakistan has needed a confluence of patsies and mercenaries. A patsy or dupe is one who strongly believes in what he/she is doing, but is deftly controlled by puppetmasters. A mercenary is one who sells his/her allegiance to the highest bidder at any moment in time. The suicide bombers and cultivated “jihadis” of the likes that Pakistan has never seen in its entire history before, are patsies. The Pakistani ruling-elite are the mercenaries. Between the two, Black-ops and aid dollars have been well spent in Pakistan!

As was noted in Project Humanbeingsfirst's December 2007 “Open letter to a Pakistani General”:

And this time, in the new imperialists' euphemistically labeled war, the “War on Terror”, we are now killing our own citizenry with our full military might in such an unremarkable and brutish manner that it is only guaranteed to create further ill-will and resentment among the already disgruntled and disenfranchised ordinary peoples. Thus, more resistance, more radicalism, more innocent dead, more fertile ground for cultivating suicide bombers, more complaints of “islamofascism” to scare the Western public with. So that in the end, in the mother of all battles between “good” and “evil” in which “either you are with us or with the terrorists”, there will be a continuous fresh supply of recruits to wage the requisite “endless wars” against.

It is only to prolong the conflagration for a full “lifetime of wars” lasting a “generation” – the “World War IV” – in the profound imperialist hope that, the resulting eventual maelstroms of radicalism seeded in 'jihad', will engulf the entire 'arc of crises', enabling its radical retransformation once again to suit the new imperial interests of the new “hectoring hegemons”.

If one wasn't living in Alice's dream world where the most absurd becomes a life–like reality and the 'unbirthday party' a cause célèbre, one would bluntly suggest that this looks very much like a devilishly premeditated synthesis of terror – 'synthetic terror' – in order to create an enemy to fight against “for at least a generation and preferably longer”, because in the absence “of a sudden threat or challenge to the public's sense of domestic well-being”, and “except in the circumstance of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat”, the much touted American “democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization”!

That is all the reality there is to this new spate of terror in my city in Pakistan – a further excuse for more premeditated, pre-planned, devilishly orchestrated American Intervention in Pakistan until they take over the entire Tribal Belt in order to be in closer proximity to China, and break-off Baluchistan as a new independent neo-liberal 'Gulf State'. The dismemberment and de-nuking of Pakistan is the larger agenda; and Mr. Zardari – like his distinguished predecessor – is the new 'decider' of that agenda.

And “tickling” the terrorists into existence, as CIA Director Michael Hayden observed of CIA's modus operandi: “We use military operations to excite the enemy, prompting him to respond. In that response we learn so much,” is the preferred choice for running this false-flag operation on Pakistan. When the victims and their survivors are thus sufficiently mentally “tickled” with the loss of their loved ones under the world's mightiest superpower's barbaric “shock and awe”, and expertly already doctrinally primed with the long-running “god is on your side” jihad to seed the anticipated response, the patsies are cleverly armed and guided through Pentagon's Black-ops local handlers' hierarchy, to their targets. Sometimes, even running complex false-flag operations this way by setting up diversionary visible patsies, while the often precision oriented and far more catastrophic terrorist act is directly and covertly controlled.

This is the well known modus operandi to ab initio create terrorist acts. Once created, the many organs of State, the military, the police, the intelligentsia, the media, the pundits, all naturally focus on the patsies and the victims! Because that is all they see before their un-forensic co-opted eyes.

And the Americans send in their military advisors to take-on the menace of these militants before these “jihadis” can take over Pakistan's nuclear weapons and threaten the entire world! This is how the Americans got into Vietnam too! It begins with pretexts to send in military advisors, with willing complicity of the mercenary rulers already deftly foisted upon the nation for that very purpose – to extend the invitation or cooperation as 'lesser of two evils'! Our picturesque Tribal Belt has already become Vietnam for its victims under this imperial paradigm!

Thus, the 'Al-Qaeeda' abstraction works great, as any shocking terrorist act attributed to them, or 'claimed' by them, enables multiple goals of the hectoring hegemons – from providing a pretext to invade-strangulate other nations, to scaring their own peoples into supporting the slaughter of other 'lesser' humanity, to clamping down on any domestic dissent with Police-State powers such as H.R. 1955, the Patriot Acts, and various Executive Orders. As was explained in Project Humanbeingsfirst's April 2008 report “The attack of 'Al-Qaeeda' and Pakistani 'loose nukes'”:

This time around, it's destination Tehran via Islamabad. And quite un-cleverly disguised as “'defensive US military action”. But at the 'unbirthday' party, everything absurd becomes reality!

The Pakistani 'loose nukes' hijacked by the cave-dwelling, stick-wielding, suicide-bombing, 'Al-Qaeeda' mantra is among the multiple facile absurdities being deftly primed (and black-ops synthesized) as already outlined in the afore-stated wakeup call. It is one thing for the press and politicians in the pockets of the 'Hectoring Hegemons' (PNAC) to be rehearsing this silly as part of their “intellectual commitment” to seeding “doctrinal motivation” for the 'retaliatory' “patriotic gratification” (Brzezinski). It is quite another for the victims themselves to be bizarrely echoing it. This is yet to be observed in primal nature: lambs arguing for their own slaughter.

Why do our media-pundits/columnists/so-called-scholars, never mind the leaders, refuse to publicly acknowledge these blatant facts is beyond ordinary comprehension, when surely, all of them in the privacy of their own homes, will concur with that diagnosis.

And not all of them are mercenaries or patsies – what co-opts them into this rehearsing of the asinine “unbirthday party” song of 'war on terror' that only leads them to RAW, Taliban, Al-Qaeeda, “Between Imperialism and Islamism”, and every place else on earth, except to the greatest 'benefactor' of Pakistan since its inception as a 'client-state'?

Why is Pakistan a part of this pernicious absurdity? What's in it for our 200 million peoples who don't even have clean drinking water for heavens' sake?

Would the new President of Pakistan have the courage to renounce his earlier stance now that he is in power – as he had also unabashedly stated that “there was nothing final in politics and positions could change with the changing situations”:

'The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), if it comes into power, must persuade the people that the fight against militants is “our war”, not just America’s war'?

The only practicable solution for saving Pakistan begins with 'calling a spade a spade', followed by urgently disengaging from the fiction of “war on terror” and seeking military-economic full-spectrum alliances with SCO, especially IRAN. The fates of the two beleaguered nations are joined at the hip like Siamese twins! The President of both nations are to be coincidentally present in New York at the same time. Yet look for how differently they each will behave!


Please see the following Project Humanbeingsfirst reports which explain this absurdity of 'Alice in Wonderland' that has been so devilishly crafted to suicide Pakistan, with the voluntary participation of Pakistan's own mercenaries and patsies:

Happy-Happy Zardari: A monologue on Hope and Voluntary Servitude

Profound Clairvoyance or Blatant Obviousness?

'Bin Laden': Key enabler of “imperial mobilization” ... and attack on Iran–Pakistan

Wakeup to the grotesque reality of the 'Grand Chessboard'!

Saving Pakistan from Synthetic 'Terror Central'

The Re-Gathering Storm

Poodle-states are necessary for Imperial Mobilization!

Islamofascism - Zionofascism - Judeofascism - Christofascism - Neofascism etc.

And in order for 'genius' minds un-attuned to fiction to forensically comprehend how this atrocity in Pakistan is being covered in the global news media, including Pakistan's by its own 'native informants', please take a look at how a similar atrocity in Iran was covered earlier this year in April 2008, when a bomb ripped through a mosque in Shiraz:

Iran, the Associated Press, and Covert-War of 'Imperial Mobilization'

A humble public service message of legitimate and empowering self-defense brought to a beleaguered peoples by Project



contact person: Zahir Ebrahim




Project Press Release September 22, 2008.

Press Release Holocaust Redux – Heads-up Warning to the Jews June 30, 2008

Press Release


June 30, 2008.

Holocaust Redux – Heads-up Warning to the Jews

Zahir Ebrahim

© Project

June 30, 2008.

[June 30, 2008] This is an update to Project Humanbeingsfirst's original warning of March 29, 2008: Heads-up warning to the American Peoples – Nuclear attack on Iran appears imminent!

An alleged assassination attempt was made on French President Nicholas Sarkozy at the time of his departure on June 24 2008, from Israel's most closely guarded institution – the Ben-Gurion Airport. That same day, Israel, the United States, and Iran, all denied rumors of the launching of full spectrum attack on Iran, as narrated by the Jerusalem Post “US, Israel, Iran all flatly deny attack rumor”. See assertions and denials in Jpost, Haaretz, Atimes here, Press TV, Globalresearch here here here here, armchair scenarios here here. See Iran's ineffectual bravado of its “limitless response” as in “the response would have no time and space limitations and would be quite devastating” here here here, which is analyzed and deconstructed by this scribe in the still unpublished Letter to Editor to Tehran Times and Press TV. Also see the famous conscience of the US military brass and the IAEA brass who “will quit” if US attacks Iran – some good will that do for the millions of 'wretched of the earth' on the receiving end of a nuclear holocaust! Finally, witness these ominously descriptive words of concern emanating from the Republican Congressman Ron Paul, as reported by Press TV on June 28, 2008, with no formulation of effective prescriptions and merely still restating the supreme monumental crime to be, which most everyone on the planet already knows:

"In the last several weeks, if not for months we have heard a lot of talk about the potential of Israel and/or the United States bombing Iran. Energy prices are being bid up because of this fear. It has been predicted that if bombs start dropping, that we will see energy prices double or triple," said the Republican.

"To me it is almost like deja vu all over again. We listened to the rhetoric for years and years before we went into Iraq. We did not go in the correct manner, we did not declare war, we are there and it is an endless struggle," he told a nearly empty House chamber.

"I cannot believe it, that we may well be on the verge of initiating the bombing of Iran,"

"This resolution, House Resolution 362 is a virtual war resolution. It is the declaration of tremendous sanctions, and boycotts and embargoes on the Iranians. It is very, very severe," Paul said.

Supported by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), House Resolution 362 (and the Senate version Resolution 580), known as the 'Iran War Resolution' can be considered a means of imposing harsher sanctions as well as a naval blockade restricting exports to the oil-rich country.

This bill, which was introduced at an AIPAC annual policy conference, has gained 208 co-sponsors in the House and 29 in the Senate. It will likely be put to a vote after July 4.

"This is unbelievable! This is closing down Iran. Where do we have this authority? Where do we get the moral authority? Where do we get the international legality for this? Where do we get the Constitutional authority for this?" asked Paul.

Instead of such glorious words of endless expression of concern and outrage (which are mere repetitions of what was already uttered in the Jan 2007 speech), endless petition writing in conscionable dissent, endless calls for impeachment, more courageous acts of soothing the conscience after the fact, and vacuous bravado of the victims, please refer to Project Humanbeingsfirst's forensic headsup warning and the outlining of the only effective deterrent solution-space which can actually prevent all predatory attacks on all underdogs. Only the immediate re-ushering in of the “sublime irony” in which, once again, “safety will be the sturdy child of terror and survival the twin brother of annihilation”, is there any possibility of effectively turning back from the edge of precipice. There is no other solution apart from “full spectrum alliances” against the hectoring hegemons!

The level and potency of their mantras is far greater than even the victims have perceived. The Zionist 'uber' war-mongering circus clown in the United States, Dr. Daniel Pipes, in his latest screed of June 19, 2008 in the Jerusalem Post “The Enemy Has a Name”, re-spins his attack on Islam thusly (with Iran as the newest harbinger of this 'threat' to Western civilization):

vanquish Islamism and help Muslims develop an alternative form of Islam. Not coincidentally, this approach roughly parallels what the allied powers accomplished vis-à-vis the two prior radical utopian movements, fascism and communism.”

The sheer imagination and boldness of evil would be fascinating to watch were it only relegated to the Star Wars movie “Revenge of the Sith” and not the infernal source of continuing “doctrinal motivation” to bring a calamitous end to an innocent peoples – first construct, aid and abet the boogieman of Islamofascism as noted in this April 03, 2007 Open Letter to Daniel Pipes, and then wage an endless war against it to protect “Western Civilization”. The insightful debunking by Khalid Amayreh in “Voices of Evil” has already dealt with this Goebbellian attempt at “manufacturing consent” among the Western populations quite effectively. The following Project Humanbeingsfirst rebuttal to Daniel Pipe's erstwhile protégé's parallel cheerleading assault in the San Francisco Chronicle, “Response to 'Islam in America's public schools: Education or indoctrination?'”, debunks the rest.

Sooner the conscionable peoples in the West standing up to the aggression of their own nations, and too the victims now so Machiavellianly divided and reduced to easy pickings, both rationally come to grips with this blatant single fact that the only effective self-defense possible against this level of full spectrum onslaught is in full spectrum alliance, sooner will all stop wasting time on ineffective pursuits and finally begin to focus on the only real deterrence solution-space.

It is also entirely feasible that Iran has already covertly constructed such a mutual defense pact treaty with Russia (with tacit supply-line assuring economic treaties with China and India). In fact, only the existence of such, can actually explain Iran's irrational bravado in the face of the extreme danger facing their nation. Perhaps it is indeed a devilish setup to obliterate Tel Aviv by goading Israel and America into first ineffectively attacking Iran!

While Zbigniew Brzezinski may have planned the “Grand Chessboard” in the West, his Eurasian targets of the great game actually invented chess. All four of the regions burgeoning powers, Iran, India, China, and Russia, are ancient civilizations far older than the Atlantic powers put together, and are also expert chess players in the very ethos of the richness of their civilizations. Many public parks in Iran for instance, are dotted with stone and wood carved chess tables where ordinary peoples gather daily under the shady trees to spar with each other, bringing their own chess pieces. Chess is not an acquired skill in Asia, nor is it of recent acquisition, as it is for the West! It is innate to the peoples. The Chinese classic “Art of War” is 2500 years old and still teaches the Rand Corporation how to play their great games! The Israelis would be wise to not forget that, along with who has continually sheltered the Jewish peoples when the Atlantic Christians were persecuting them for two millennia. Even Uri Avnery, a self professed progressive Jewish leftist, and Zionist, was forced to admit it when he fairly noted in his famous 2006 essay “Muhammad's Sword” (also available here):

'Every honest Jew who knows the history of his people cannot but feel a deep sense of gratitude to Islam, which has protected the Jews for fifty generations, while the Christian world persecuted the Jews and tried many times "by the sword" to get them to abandon their faith.'

The Israeli Jews, the Zionists, and all their genuine exponents worldwide itching to bomb Iran, might reflect on this alternate “war game” scenario before their hubris takes them to their own suicide. Muslims are not the Jews enemies! Step back from the brink if you really are the true inheritors of Solomon's wisdom, and not merely impostors! For this may be the ultimate patsy setup by your own 2000 year old true nemesis!

A humble public service message of King Solomon's rationalism brought to a war mongering peoples and their victims by Project



contact person: Zahir Ebrahim




Project Press Release June 30, 2008.

Press Release A Response to 'Islam in America's public schools: Education or indoctrination?' June 24, 2008

Press Release


June 24, 2008.

A Response to 'Islam in America's public schools: Education or indoctrination?'

Project Humanbeingsfirst

June 24, 2008.

[June 24, 2008]. The following rebuttal is issued by Project Humanbeingsfirst to the San Francisco Chronicle in response to their oped of June 11, 2008, written by the Chronicle writer Ms. Cinnamon Stillwell who is also of the Zionist thought-police Campus-Watch organization. As the SF Chronicle has historically never accepted any submission from Project Humanbeingsfirst, and since the article by Ms. Cinnamon Stillwell is of such urgent import to all of America today as its sons and daughters are deftly primed with “doctrinal motivation” to continually create the fodder necessary to fight the lifetime of “World War IV” – America's “Global War On Terror” – against a suitably demonized foe, this response is also being issued as an Immediate Press Release.

To The San Francisco Chronicle
June 24, 2008.

In reference to Ms. Cinnamon Stillwell's excellent opinion article of June 11, 2008 in the San Francisco Chronicle's SFGate, on the important subject of indoctrination of young minds in America's public schools – quite thought provokingly titled Islam in America's public schools: Education or indoctrination? (with the precise inclusion of the question mark for making it thought provoking) – Project Humanbeingsfirst cannot agree with the astute Ms. Stillwell more wholeheartedly.

That yes, there ought not to be any indoctrination whatsoever of any young minds anywhere, especially in the world's most enlightened civilization. Indeed, Project Humanbeingsfirst would go so far as to blanketly assert that this should be true of every school in America, both public and private. It unfortunately begins from the very first saluting of the flag from the tender age of five which eventually constructs brain washed automatons who “United We Stand” wrapped in the false flag of patriotism as they grow up. And it continues in the upper grades during their most formative years, and is continually supplemented in their Churches, Synagogues, and Sunday schools.

And there is certainly no need for a question mark to these following statements, of whether or not there is a “soft jihad” on the young impressionable minds – for the following is “hard-core triple X rated jihad” against all 'lesser' humanity which is visible for all to see, unless of course, one already happens to be too perversely indoctrinated to see it.

Wherein, the monumental crimes of the Jews and Christians today upon a 'lesser' peoples is deliberately justified and rationalized akin to the 'Good Germans', while teaching their young ones the cleansed and sanitized versions of the hidden doctrines from their own religious books which their own elders – from Evangelical Christian Zionists including the distinguished President of the United States, to the Jewish Zionists themselves – are hell bent on visiting upon the Muslims of the world based on the misanthropic concepts in these books that most of Christian America has now come to fervently believe as a “Christian” nation, contrary to the definition of this Republic as per its own written Constitution. Mainly, returning the Jews to Zion as “god's chosen peoples” as part of their nation's foreign policy, even at the blood drenched expense of that lands' own indigenous inhabitants still living there; and to bring on “Armageddon” in order to hasten their Christian Messiah's return to planet earth sooner as per the Biblical teachings of “Rapture”!

It is precisely all sorts of perverse indoctrination like this which commences on the American mind at a young age, and from many venues in a full spectrum immersion – from schools to television – that is at the bottom of the American people as adults, being among the most well-intentioned but also the most ignorant peoples in the World. While some among them might excel in math and science, in imaginatively designing more powerful weapons and technologies than anyone else, and certainly in arts and craft and wholesale entertainment to lead the world in leisure and pleasure, they generally have little clue of their own place in the world except at its very center! Berliners too had once felt that exact same way! Thus American peoples unfortunately make easy targets of indoctrination as the 'Good Americans' for whosoever is more able to hijack their Republic for their own tortuous ideologies of 'empire'!

From my own anecdotal personal experience, when I first entered MIT as an undergraduate in the 1970s, it was shocking for me to learn how many of the smartest people on the planet attending America's topmost science and engineering school had asked me “where is Pakistan?” as they watched the Iran hostage crises unfold and wondered where the hell Iran was too! They had not a clue why those “crazed Iranian” students led by a “crazed mullah” had suddenly turned against the Americans! Just recently the American President had made a toast to their just dethroned King of Kings, hadn't he? And before 1990, most Americans had likely never even heard of Iraq! Yet they have trivially devastated that nation a million times worse then Vietnam for the mantra of fictitious “WMDs”! And today, the Americans are poised to drop nuclear bombs on Iran with new “WMD” mantras! What makes the American public so gullible and compliant to their ruling elite? This is far more insidious than the “soft jihad” which the bright Ms. Cinnamon Stillwell fears might be subverting America. This is “hard crusades”!

All because of the indoctrination they encounter starting in elementary school. And as this phantasmic Christian Evangelical preacher reminds us far wiser peoples in his I am free to be a slave sermonizing under the New American Theology of Civil Submission (, it is only because of their early full spectrum indoctrination that these good American people in his flock can unquestioningly accept as adults, criminal Machiavellian indoctrination like:

My friends, you are free, you are free to respect and appreciate the authority of the government that god gives to you – Honor the King! Do it anyway, whether the king deserves it or not. All authority, all authority is an extension of god's authority!”

Yes indeed – “honor the king, whether the king deserves it or not”! So they permit murderers and usurpers of humanity to become “king”, and to lord upon them peaceably as a divine edict, while the “king” goes about his merry business of constructing a police-state at home and waging a war of aggression upon the rest of the world disguised as “war on terror” without fearing much resistance from the brain-washed Republic who “United We Stand” with him!

Surely the very conscionable and concerned Ms. Cinnamon Stillwell, as indeed all Americans, would be horrified to learn of this travesty occurring under their very noses in the modernity of the twenty-first century, and equally demand the excising of such perverse indoctrination from the American Republic along with its “king” and king-makers?

Therefore, Project Humanbeingsfirst is absolutely in favor of examining and eliminating all indoctrination of every sort, and equitably and fairly applying that standard across the board, all across America. In order to do so with insight, equity, wisdom and fairness, such that no group and no perverted “religion” may either feel discriminated against or left out from the cleansing process, Project Humanbeingsfirst highly recommends that the entire American education system, as well as its Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Temples, and the ubiquitous newsmedia and entertainment industry be introduced to its forensic essay on this subject that entirely dismantles all indoctrination equitably, much as I am sure to Ms. Cinnamon Stillwell's and her stellar watchdog organization “”'s great delight.

The essay is titled: Islamofascism – Zionofascism – Judeofascism – Christofascism – Neofascism etc. An equitable distribution of Collateral Language! and is available for free at URL: (or from the Project's website

As Ms. Cinnamon Stillwell's oped has rightly wondered with that question mark, if indoctrination exists in any shape or form in any discourse in the American society, not just in the teaching of Islam, but in the teaching of any misanthropic doctrine, let's excise them all with a vengeance. It is the only way to create a truly thinking-humanitarian society in America that can finally resist all blood-sucking leaches from piggy-backing upon its riches and power!

As a humble ordinary cultural Muslim immigrant whose children have grown up in America, attended Islamic schools at some point in their formative years, regularly attended Islamic Sunday schools throughout their formative years, performed their Hajj, keep their Fasts in Ramadan, while also fully participating and engaging in the American society – from competitive swimming to musical theater to community service – and who are now attending America's top ranking universities after graduating at the very top of their graduating classes in college preparatory high schools, this scribe invites the full spectrum scrutiny of how Islam is taught and how it is impacting America's young Muslims.

For indeed, this scribe has greatly benefited from the presence of Islam in America – not just in the Islamic institutional sense, but also in the very egalitarian system of some of the best practices of the United States itself, which are, interestingly enough, based in many cases on the genuine spirit of Islam! Many of America's laws and many of its social services are among the highest ideals of Islam put into varying degrees of real practice! Many a “holy” and “pious” Islamic countries can learn the practice of Islam – minus the patronizing vernacular – from this “Great Satan” (which is not to say that the Great Satan doesn't reside here too, or that it is not the permanent chief resident expert behind the formulations of this nation's multifaceted foreign policy instruments of world domination since its inception). The Muslims are as much an integral part of America as Christians, Jews, Atheists, Hindus, Chinese, and all the rest in the “melting pot”. There is no obvious a priori reason for the Muslim voices to be precluded in the defining of America. Just as there is no a priori compelling reason to believe that only the Zionists and the criminal exponents of war-mongering, primacy, Rapture, “full spectrum dominance”, et. al., should be the solely defining masters of what is Kosher in the American public's interest, and what isn't!

There is, in fact, no reason to at all believe the hectoring hegemons' interpretation of the Constitution and what it may mean, for they are also the harbingers of the police-state in the same nation whose Constitution they push in the public's faces when it suits their purpose, and call it “just a goddamned piece of paper” when it doesn't!

These are the very same peoples who gladly trade in our “essential liberties” for a “bit of [imagined] safety” – and from a Machiavellianly synthesized, fabricated, Orwellian danger at that – when the Founders of this very Constitution had willingly traded all of their own personal safety, to secure essential liberty for all! Of the 56 Founding Patriots who dared to sign the Declaration of Independence from the largest empire of the time, a majority were hounded by the British and died in abject misery!

Why shouldn't one be inspired by their interpretation of the Constitution, that “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little [temporary] safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”?

And Thomas Jefferson's, that “The constitutions of most of our states (and of the United States) assert that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed; that they are entitled to freedom of person, freedom of religion, freedom of property and freedom of the press”?

United States Persons are far more entitled to “exercise” that “power” which “is inherent in the people”, for getting to know each other, for learning of each other's heritage and histories – when appropriately stripped of any “doctrinal motivation” and dehumanizing propaganda value – than those who would deprive the peoples of that benefit through their tortuous self-serving interpretations and bastardization of the Constitutions when it suits them!

For indeed, in the uniquely multicultural milieu that is America today, we as much enrich each other in our vibrant diversity when we collaborate and intercourse to get to know each other, as we defeat each other and become barbarians when we blindly acquiesce to “United We Stand” with the handful of hectoring hegemons due to their full spectrum control of the soap-boxes from which they pontificate their tortuous discourses like Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists and It's not a Clash of Civilizations, It's a Clash between the Civilized World and Barbarians”!

It is surely a travesty of rationalism to ignore the blatant truism that teaching the world's heritage to the Americans starting when they are young, can only add to their knowledge, sophistication, appreciation, tolerance, and resilience to the mendacity of power and its incantations! It also ends their isolation from the world by making them an equal part of the world's history and heritage, rather than continually weaning them in an isolated cocoon of artificially inculcated feeling of “my country can do no wrong” with the 'lesser' humanity – “the barbarians” – jealously surrounding them and out to get them! The process to teach each others history, heritage, and great books can surely continually be improved – rather than throwing it all out just because some find it convenient to derive a calculated propaganda value from maliciously denigrating Islam in these times!

No one could so trivially fool an informed citizenry into fighting the fictitious “war on terror” as the Americans have been so fooled had they learnt about Islam earlier; had they not been so indoctrinated with “saluting the flag”; and had the Zionist and Christian religious discourse not become part of the “State” in the Machiavellian service of “imperial mobilization”! That is the Constitutional meaning of “separation of Church and State” which the likes of Ms. Cinnamon Stillwell and her Zionist sponsors deliberately mask in favor of their own tortuous agendas for the “Zion that will light up all the world”! And the actual usefulness derived by the ordinary American peoples – most of whom attend the vast system of K-16 public schools in America – for their own greater common good in learning about the great religions in their classrooms so that they can become better acquainted with each other and the rest of the world, Ms. Cinnamon Stillwell easily finds to be a fatal blow to the Constitution, and a “soft jihad” on America!

So look for those who on the one hand, deny the American public the opportunity to genuinely learn about Islam under one pretext or another, while on the other, themselves go about denigrating and maligning Islam as incestuously-anointed “leading Western scholar[s] of Islam” in order to continually create and sustain the “doctrinal motivation” to gift to the 'lesser' Americans their lifetime of “war on terror”, and thou hast found thine true enemy in “Greeks'” clothing! The real fifth columnists hiding under legal covers and biting away at the very fabric of American society under the very noses of an ignorant public!

That self-sustaining motivation to keep the American public continually ignorant is the hidden force which constructed the highly suggestive title of Ms. Cinnamon Stillwell's column in the SF Chronicle Islam in America's public schools: Education or indoctrination?, just as it did the title of Bernard Lewis' classic masterpiece of disinformation Crisis of Islam: Holy War Unholy Terror”! The “leading Western scholar of Islam” has noted in this seminal propaganda book:

Terrorism requires only a few. Obviously the West must defend itself by whatever means will be effective. But in devising means to fight the terrorist, it would surely be useful to understand the forces that drive them”.

Indeed, since this scribe also wholeheartedly agrees with the afore-quoted statements of Bernard Lewis, this humble response to Ms. Cinnamon Stillwell's own masterpiece so prominently carried in the SF Chronicle, has merely also been a plebeian exercise in “understanding the forces that drive them”!

Please visit any local Islamic school, mosque, Sunday school, or attend any class in high school on the day it is being introduced, to observe how Islam is purveyed to the young minds in America. The independent non-profit organization “Islamic Networks Group” ( has a regular teaching program that grooms Muslim working professionals as volunteer speakers to explain Islam to students in America's schools, to police officers, business leaders, and any American organization and institution that would like to become sensitized to Islam minus the 24x7 malignant propaganda being used to deliberately fuel the hatred of Muslims and suspicions of their institutions in order to continue the “war on terror”. Please feel free to examine their curriculum. In fact, I must insist that Ms. Cinnamon Stillwell become intimately acquainted with what Islam teaches to the young minds in America first hand! For, we shall apply the same standard of fair and equitable examination to all the “pious” and the “holy”, rest assured. That sense of honest fairplay is the ordinary people's “American way”!

Project is not affiliated with, nor with any mosque or any other Islamic institution or organization, nor speaks for them. The only organizational unit of its permanent affiliation is that which comprises only human beings first! This open scrutiny is invited by this scribe as any ordinary member of America's civil society can rightfully demand, in order to ensure their society's integrity and proper functioning; and also, as one who has immensely benefited from how Islam is taught in America first-hand, and therefore, would like to ensure that the best practices of its teachings, as with the teachings of all cultural heritages of the world, are continually improved.

Let it be known far and wide that America is not the property of the Jews, or the Christians, or any other group. It is a free nation for all who can reach its shores and become its legal denizens! These peoples, us, collectively define what is America! Not the thought-police and Zionist propaganda machinery of the hectoring hegemons – whether from Campus-Watch, the Pentagon, the White House, the Evangelical Pulpit, or the Knesset! And to prevent this right from being devilishly usurped by power and its con-artists, always was, still is, and will always remain, a continuous on-going ordinary people's struggle of every generation!

A humble public service message of rationally and equitably cleansing all “doctrinal motivation” from America that is Machiavellianly harnessed for “imperial mobilization”, brought to you by Project



contact person: Zahir Ebrahim





Project Press Release June 24, 2008.

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